REDUCED appliances at Lowe’s

As you know, we have had some seriously blessed luck recently with appliances at Lowe’s. First the stove, then our washer and dryer combo, and most recently, our fridge. All told, these appliances originally would have cost: $4,150. We paid: $2,490. Or just at 60% of full retail price.

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Scoring A Fridge For Cheap(ish)

We already got our stainless steel stove last month for a great price, thanks to a ding in the back that affected nothing in the function. It was perfect, just what we wanted. And at something close to 40% off, who could say no? Cearly not us. We then had more luck with a washer and dryer as well, big score.

So as far as the kitchen went, we were one appliance down, two to go in regard to upgrading to stainless steel. We had been looking at a few fridges at our local Lowe’s in the same area as we found the first three.¬†We found a few, but they were return items, or repaired items. Sometimes this isn’t a big deal. But the ones they had either had damages we knew would bother us (scratches across the front of the SS door) or were repaired too much for our taste. But then…the light shined through.


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Hoo Who?

We are slowly but surely adding decorations to our home. And by slowly, I mean we’ve added exactly one thing. I, personally, have a hard time stepping outside the box. I can do pictures in matching frames, and I can…yeah. I’m out. So my goal now is to mix it up. We don’t need anything too loud or insane. But I want more interesting pieces around the house. Things that have no purpose, but make us smile and start conversations without clashing or looking disturbing.

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A chair by any other color

is a chair. Duh. I picked up this baby at the Goodwill for $8.

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Swizzle That Stick

We sold our old bedroom set before we moved from Roanoke. Sam bought them before we were married, and while they were a solid set, they weren’t really our taste together. They were serviceable. But we knew we wanted to start fresh with the move, so off they went thanks to the power of Craigslist.

So when we moved into this house, all we had with us was our box spring, mattress, and a bunch of plastic containers of clothes. Insert sad face here. But we did know we were going to look for more furniture. We also knew that furniture was low on the list of Things To Do. Why? Because we would rather spend our money on new appliances that magically appear on deep discount or on paint or new flooring for the bathroom or…a lot of things. Continue reading

A Wrench By Any Other Name…

As Sam was replacing a hanging light fixture, he needed my help as a gopher. I’ll admit, I think gophers are disgusting creatures that ruin gardens and get hit by cars like the worthless animals they are (I mean, just watch where you’re going when you cross the road, dude) so I wasn’t keen to play the role. But as he was up on the ladder doing The Important Junk (which included dealing with electrical wires, which freaks me out) I consented to the lesser role of “gopher.” Continue reading

Preschool Picasso

Artwork…we haz it. Everywhere. Now that Ruth is in preschool (the real deal, not “pre-preschool”) she comes home with a masterpiece almost every time. And boy is she proud to show it off. And who could blame her? What child wouldn’t be proud to show off a pumpkin such as this? Continue reading