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Painted Glass Christmas Trees


No cutsey title today…sorry! But the title basically says it all. I decided to get crafty with some Goodwill finds, and these trees were on my list. They came with a little stopper in the bottom, so I assume they were originally intended to be used as candy holders, like for gifts or something. Either way, they were a dollar. Hard to resist. These were super-simple, and took almost no time (at least, no time to complete…drying is different). I’ll be trying this again soon on regular glass jars to hold pencils and stuff.

What Christmas would be complete without official Christmas crafts? Well, probably plenty of people’s. But hey, why not get crafty if you can? This entire project cost me $4. That’s including the paint, which I actually already had in my stash. So if you were being technical, it cost me $2. But $4 if you don’t have the paint. How’d I do it? Let’s see!

Step One: Pick out the colors. I went with green and white. Almost anything + white is going to make sense and not look muddy. But since it’s a Christmas tree, these made the most sense. Other color combinations that might look cute are: pink & blue, green & purple, red & white, blue & yellow, etc.

Step Two: Drizzle in one color. Then layer over with the other color.

Step Three: Rotate and turn the glass until you’re reasonably sure the bottom is coated and there is enough paint to drip down the sides to cover the rest once you turn it over to dry.

Step Four: Set it upside down (or in this case, right side up) on a stack of papers or a paper plate so the paint can drip down and form interesting marbling effects. Leave overnight to drip and sort of dry. It won’t be perfectly dry, not with zero air circulation. But it will be set enough that the next morning, you can tip it on its side so it can air dry the rest of the way that day.

Step Five: Pick a pretty place to put it and enjoy!

I did the same thing with a second tree, only I used only one kind of paint, silver glitter. Same process though, just drizzling the paint in there and rotating the glass around until I knew the excess would drip out easily. Then I just turned it over overnight, and the next morning it was ready to cure.

Now we’ve got cute, homemade trees to put up on the mantle this year!

For some more fun and fanciful Christmas or winter-themed craft and decoration ideas, check out: Hi Sugarplum!


No Mo’ Peep Show!

Here’s a little secret: I’ve been inadvertently putting on a peep show for the neighborhood whenever I get out of the shower. Yippie! We took down all the blinds (which were either red or green…bizarre) so we could replace them with plantation blinds. But for whatever reason, we decided we wouldn’t put blinds up in the master bathroom. Or maybe we haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m not sure…whatever. The point is, it was an uncovered window for about two months. I had planned on making curtains, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Here’s a view of the bathroom from our bedroom.


But each day, as I got out of the shower, this is my view. I am actually standing in the shower (fully clothed, perverts) to take this picture:


Yeah. My concern was, if I can see so clearly down to the street…you see where I’m going with this. So instead of having privacy, I’ve been doing a little duck-and-cover thing for a few months after showering. (Meanwhile, Sam has no problem, as the window stops around torso height, so he can just step out and walk around in all his sexy shirtless glory.) So if our neighbors are parking their car on the street, or people are walking their dogs…

Hey guys! Meet your new neighbors! Indecent McGee!!!

Not a good idea. Time to fix. I started by getting some fabric at JoAnne’s for 50% off. Seriously, JoAnne’s is always having 50% off sales. If you want fabric, find what you want and then wait a week. If it’s not on sale now, it will be then. Or you can use a coupon. They put out coupons like whoa. Anyway, I picked out some fun fabric to become the basis of our new bathroom decor. I measured the window and drew up a very simplistic (read: idiot-proof) diagram of the window’s measurements.


Also at JoAnne’s, I picked up some no-sew tape. It is like webbing, and when you heat it, it bonds together like glue. Since I don’t own a sewing machine, nor the patience (or skill) to do it by hand, this is the easiest solution for me. It’s like $3, give or take. (I didn’t use all of it, only 2/3 of it.)


After measuring and cutting the lengths of fabric for two curtain panels (taking into account I’ll need an inch on all sides for the hemming) I started the no-sew process. I got out my iron (oh, I hadn’t seen that thing in a looooong time) and dampened a washcloth. Folding the edge over the tape, I set the washcloth on top of that, then the iron over that for ten to fifteen seconds. The iron was set to steam, wool setting.


It wasn’t an exact science. And while it was easier than sewing, it wasn’t a perfect job. But for my first time, I think it went pretty well. Here’s an example of what the corners look like.


After that, I grabbed some curtain clips (couple dollars) and snapped those things on, then hung the curtains!


I realize the curtains clash with the shower curtain. But I’m fixin’ to get some new stuff after a little while, more neutral that will let the curtains speak and not compete.

And can I tell you how happy I am to see THIS instead of neighbors who might be looking forward to a peep show??


Yippie! So that’s how I made my no-sew curtains. It took awhile (about two hours) becuase I’ve never done this before, but I think I could cut that in half next time. So I’ll leave you with a little B&A from the project. Until next time!


Dog Days Are Color

I’ve totally got that Florence + the Machine song in my head now. Bad earworm! Bad!

I decided to try a little cheap craft project with Ruth. I found this cute little dog at Goodwill for $1.50.

Photobucket Continue reading

Preschool Picasso

Artwork…we haz it. Everywhere. Now that Ruth is in preschool (the real deal, not “pre-preschool”) she comes home with a masterpiece almost every time. And boy is she proud to show it off. And who could blame her? What child wouldn’t be proud to show off a pumpkin such as this? Continue reading

Hanging Tough

Yup. I went there. I made a New Kids On The Block reference. Oh oh oh OH oh. (Hanging tough.)

I wanted something cute to have Ruth’s play apron hang on next to her kitchen. She does better when things have a specific spot that they are meant to go, and not just “oh, anywhere is fine.” But I didn’t want just a plain Jane hook in the wall. How yawn-inducing, right? Continue reading