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Totally Floored

So I suppose it is high time I started pulling my weight with this blogging stuff. Kat has posted about 14 posts, I suppose I can make time for one.

What super masculine, blood, sweat, and tears type job did I pick…Bathroom floors! (insert horror movie screeching here) Okay so it’s not the most glorious job, nor the most complex, but you can sure as bet Kat wasn’t gonna flop around on the bathroom floor and get in and around the various undiscovered cracks and crevices of the terlet. Luckily, thanks to our (Kat’s) adventures in Blog-dom, Kat found a cheap and easy way to go about redoing/upgrading any typical vinyl or linoleum floor. If you weren’t privy to this info, they make self-adhesive single vinyl tiles that you can get for roughly a dollar a tile. So you can get a higher quality floor that looks like ceramic or stone tile for a fraction of the price. For those of you that are aware, what are you waiting for?! Continue reading


REDUCED appliances at Lowe’s

As you know, we have had some seriously blessed luck recently with appliances at Lowe’s. First the stove, then our washer and dryer combo, and most recently, our fridge. All told, these appliances originally would have cost: $4,150. We paid: $2,490. Or just at 60% of full retail price.

But how the heck are we doing it? Continue reading

Scoring A Fridge For Cheap(ish)

We already got our stainless steel stove last month for a great price, thanks to a ding in the back that affected nothing in the function. It was perfect, just what we wanted. And at something close to 40% off, who could say no? Cearly not us. We then had more luck with a washer and dryer as well, big score.

So as far as the kitchen went, we were one appliance down, two to go in regard to upgrading to stainless steel. We had been looking at a few fridges at our local Lowe’s in the same area as we found the first three.¬†We found a few, but they were return items, or repaired items. Sometimes this isn’t a big deal. But the ones they had either had damages we knew would bother us (scratches across the front of the SS door) or were repaired too much for our taste. But then…the light shined through.


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Getting a deal on appliances

The appliances that came with our house (side-by-side fridge/freezer, stove and dishwasher) were…old-ish. We’re pretty sure the stove was original to the house (1986), the fridge is probably one of the original side-by-side models, and the dishwasher might be the newest of them all. Our own washer and dryer are five years old, but they’ve seen four moves now. Plus, I have wanted one of the HE sets for awhile now. Continue reading