Totally Floored

So I suppose it is high time I started pulling my weight with this blogging stuff. Kat has posted about 14 posts, I suppose I can make time for one.

What super masculine, blood, sweat, and tears type job did I pick…Bathroom floors! (insert horror movie screeching here) Okay so it’s not the most glorious job, nor the most complex, but you can sure as bet Kat wasn’t gonna flop around on the bathroom floor and get in and around the various undiscovered cracks and crevices of the terlet. Luckily, thanks to our (Kat’s) adventures in Blog-dom, Kat found a cheap and easy way to go about redoing/upgrading any typical vinyl or linoleum floor. If you weren’t privy to this info, they make self-adhesive single vinyl tiles that you can get for roughly a dollar a tile. So you can get a higher quality floor that looks like ceramic or stone tile for a fraction of the price. For those of you that are aware, what are you waiting for?!

Here’s what we started with. Bland, blah, meh.


Here’s how I did it. First start off with a clean, flat surface to which the tiles will stick. If you have holes or gaps it is recommended to fill them with spare tiles or filler as best you can. Next, lay out the tiles before actually adhering them to the floor. This helps with not only with making sure you have enough but also allows you to shift them as needed to make better use of the space and eliminate unnecessary cuts if possible. Start by laying the center-most tile then work your way out in all directions, forming a cross.


Once the cross is formed place the tiles, expanding outward from the center, like a pyramid. Once you reach a wall or object, use some plain paper or card stock to trace a templet and then trace that onto the tile itself. This will help to cut down on waste.


For a better, more seamless look, take off any floor boards and try to slide the tile under whatever object you encounter. Finally jump, stand, dance, whatever, just do what you can to help seat the tile. (Note: be cautious with newly laid tiles, especially in unfinished rows. I made the mistake of sitting on the tiles as I was laying them and the angle I was sitting at pushed some tiles out of position. Once rows are complete if the tiles are set correctly then the pressure of the row should hold the tiles in place. If a tile is misplaced or shifts out of position, fear not, you can either pull the tile up and try again if the tile has not set or you can apply pressure in the direction needed to make the tile flush. It will move, I speak from experience.)


Don’t do that. But otherwise, that’s it. I told you it was easy and just look at the difference it makes.



Pretty! It’s still pretty clear after standing on it it’s not stone. But if you have to choose between sheet linoleum or stick vinyl, I think the stick vinyl looks way better. If you can’t afford to (or don’t have the time for) actual tile, it’s a nice solution you can DIY in a day.



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