Dog Days Are Color

I’ve totally got that Florence + the Machine song in my head now. Bad earworm! Bad!

I decided to try a little cheap craft project with Ruth. I found this cute little dog at Goodwill for $1.50.


Don’t mind us rockin’ the Red Solo Cup. Just made it easier to spray. I’m pretty sure Clyde is unimpressed. He’s all “What? You think you can just walk up into my territory and get away with it? Oh wait, she’s going to attack you with paint. Carry on!”


After Clyde was done defending his honor, I got started. Of course, you know me. I can’t leave well enough alone. So I painted him with white spray paint I had left over from a completely different project. (That’s the beauty of repurposing things. Eventually, you have leftovers from other projects that some new projects are all but free.) I just sprayed until nothing was blatantly obvious sticking through the white. It wasn’t a perfect spray job, but for the purpose I was using him for, it would be fine.

I chose flat finish vs. gloss because I knew I wanted him to have the ability to be marked on, and gloss wouldn’t allow that easily. Then he dried and then cured for about two weeks (mostly because I forgot about the dude, truthfully).

And then, one evening when Ruth and I were bored, I broke him out. I grabbed a bag of crayons, sat her at her table, and said “Have at it!”

At first, I got the blank look of “What? Seriously? I don’t believe you.” But I drew a little flower on the dog’s backside and she finally got the idea. So she had some fun coloring her new dog friend and making him “super beautiful.”


It sort of reminds me of one of those Paint Your Own Pottery places, only he’s not pottery, and it didn’t cost us $40 to do it. Oh, and way less messy than paint. Although we could have used paints, or markers. (Maybe next time.)

After that, she chose a delightful place of honor for this tecnicolored pooch, on her dresser in her room.


The beauty of this project is…he’s re-usable. I can just take him outside, give him one quick coat of paint, let him dry, and she can paint him next week with finger paints. Or he can stay the way he is and we can pick out a new dollar animal at the Goodwill and start all over. It’s a really fun thing for toddlers since they can actually hold the 3D object in their hands and turn it around and upside down and manipulate what they’re coloring, instead of a flat coloring book.

So there’s our fun for the week! Next time I’m in Goodwill, I’ll have to keep my eye out for more fun things like this guy.

For other creative, crafty, fun and fantastic ideas, check out this link party: I {Heart} Nap Time


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