Powder Room Updates

Our powder room is probably the smallest room in the house…okay, no probably about it. It is. It’s 5′ x 5′. But it’s a powder room, not meant to be a luxurious room. The main excitement is that we even HAVE a powder room on the lower floor. But the other nice thing about a small room is, it only takes small changes (and less time) to make a good-sized impact.

First, let’s revisit what the room looked like before we moved in.


Check out those deer heads! YES! I asked if we could negotiate those in, but I was shot down. Fail. It was a delightful yellow color…and it had a wallpaper border. (Seriously. Borders, borders EVERYWHERE in this house.)


It also had these very…floral gold accents. The toilet paper holder, the towel bar, the towel ring, the mirror. They all matched, and they were all GOLD. Again, not our style. (Keep this mirror in your mind though…we have plans for it. Yeah, can you believe it?)

So the first order of business was to scrape that wallpaper border off. And I have to admit, out of all the wallpaper in the house, this one was the worst. Such a small area. 20′ total…and not even that much because around the door wasn’t done. But it was SO FREAKING ANNOYING. This border was very thin, so instead of peeling off in nice big chunks, it ripped delicately, layer by layer. I had to scrape the entire thing three times over before I felt like it was all gone. GAH!

Sam hung a nice shelf to put decorative stuff, since it’s a powder room and all we need is one towel ring for washing/drying hands. We also traded out all the gold accessories (which were sold at a garage sale at my mom’s house!) for simple stainless steel ones. Even the light fixture went. Then we painted the room the same color we painted most of the rest of the house…Gobi Desert by Behr.


See what we see? Problems. Although the color itself is a relatively light color, it shrank the room hardcore. This room gets zero natural light at all (not even from windows in the basement), so color was very important. It just wasn’t…right. In other parts of the house, yes. In this area? No.

So we started over. I went through and properly caulked around the vanity (which we realized wasn’t overly secure at the time). And then I painted the door trim and base boards stark white. After those had dried completely, I painted in with a color called Ghost Ship.


With no natural light, color is so easily distorted in photos like this. It’s like a blue-gray, with more blue than gray. It ties in nicely with our towels and bath mat. And it’s so much lighter, reflects light better, and makes the room feel more open (as much as you can with such a tiny space, anyway)!

Here’s a better picture to show the new accessories we put in. Again, the light reflection from the flash creates some weird illusions.


So that’s what the powder room currently looks like! Despite what all we’ve done so far, we still have way more to do. Included in that list are…

* replace the linoleum or cover with stick tiles
* paint the vanity white & replace hardware
* re-paint the ceiling
* change out the door for a white, six-panel door
* some artwork or something else decorative

We’re up in the air on whether we’re keeping the shell-shaped vanity top. It’s not something we care for, and we wouldn’t choose it. But it’s also not a huge deal, and it’s clean and functional and in good shape, so we’re hesitant to deal with it. Sort of like, over-improving for the sake of vanity, right? (Vanity…get it? See what I did there?)

So one final shot of the before and after!


For now, we’re good with what we’ve accomplished. This room gets a rest for awhile. Time to pick a new project. 🙂


What do you think?

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