Making It Fit

The fridge, if you recall, was too big for the space we’d measured. By a whole 1/8 of an inch. Torturously close. It was also just a little tight width-wise, but removing the chair rail (which you couldn’t see anyway) fixed that so now it’s perfectly snug. So anyway, here’s where we left off with the fridge.


Looks weird, right? (And not just because of the mess.) Sam and I debated whether to just leave the cabinets off and keep the space open, but it was just a little TOO weird for my taste. I’ve seen other things where people have put columns for sliding baking dishes up there, and that was an awesome idea. But we neither had the time nor the patience to deal with it. So what was the ultimate choice?

Remove the cabinets (done), sand them down about a quarter of an inch on the bottom (to allow for any differences on the top) and hang them back up.


Doesn’t he look good with a power tool? I’m biased though.

Simple enough process, overall. But it was an annoying one for Sam. He sanded the entire bottom down…well, rather the lip. It doesn’t interfere with the doors at all, nor does it cut into the bottom where things sit in the cabinet. That would just make the whole thing pointless, right? After a few minutes of sanding, he would haul the thing back up to measure if it would fit yet. It wouldn’t. then he would haul it back down to the garage and start sanding again. He likely did this three times before it occurred to him to measure first, draw the line on the cabinet, THEN sand. But by then, he was too far into the process for it to matter. Finally, he got the thing sanded enough that we could pop it back up there and hang that sucker.

Side note: hanging cabinets? Pain in the everlovin’ butt. I would NEVER want to do a whole kitchen’s worth. Pass!

I worried it might look a little funny, with one cabinet being off in height to the one right next to it. But then I remembered the other cabinet (above the shelf, which I put up all by myself in THIS post) will not be staying forever either. Eventually we’ll be getting a cabinet to fit that actual size and cover up that hole that used to be there where the cancer box resided. So it’s no big deal for awhile. plus, unless you’re sitting right there and staring at it (like this photo) then you hardly notice. It’s not something I think makes a big deal no matter what.

Here’s the difference in height.


So now our fridge sits prettily in it’s newly-constructed spot of honor. It’s just another reminder that sometimes, when you’re going for a good deal on appliances, you need to be willing to make choices you wouldn’t normally make paying full price. But either way, I think this one worked out quite well for us. Here’s what the kitchen looked like today. (Ignore the fact that I haven’t removed the pumpkin-covered hand towel from the stove, and it’s like mid-November. That’s so embarrassing!)


So our fridge is stocked full of healthy foods (which I choose to ignore whenever possible) and we have learned a lesson about measuring twice, purchasing appliances once.

What’s left to do in the kitchen? Tons.

* Change out cabinet pulls
* upgrade dishwasher to stainless steel
* replace tile with white
* replace patched drywall (covered by shelf)
* replace short cabinet to left of fridge with full one
* Paint or stain cabinets (Maybe?)
* Replace countertop with granite
* Replace porcelain sink with stainless steel
* Replace pantry doors
* Find cute bar stools (not really required but, you know)

I think that’s the end of the list…as it stands now. Check in for more kitchen updates!


What do you think?

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