Scoring A Fridge For Cheap(ish)

We already got our stainless steel stove last month for a great price, thanks to a ding in the back that affected nothing in the function. It was perfect, just what we wanted. And at something close to 40% off, who could say no? Cearly not us. We then had more luck with a washer and dryer as well, big score.

So as far as the kitchen went, we were one appliance down, two to go in regard to upgrading to stainless steel. We had been looking at a few fridges at our local Lowe’s in the same area as we found the first three. We found a few, but they were return items, or repaired items. Sometimes this isn’t a big deal. But the ones they had either had damages we knew would bother us (scratches across the front of the SS door) or were repaired too much for our taste. But then…the light shined through.


See that fridge above? It still had the plastic wrapping covering the doors. On the Reduced tag, it said it was an “open box” fridge. The price was originally $999 and was marked down to $899. I asked one of the manages what that meant, and he explained this style had been ordered before, and they accidentally unboxed two of them. One went to the customer, this one stayed. But because it had been opened, they couldn’t offer it at full price. Hence the $100 discount.

It was exactly what we wanted. Stainless steel, French doors, ice dispenser in the door. The only thing I would have changed would have been a freezer drawer, but beggars and choosers and all that. Gotta say, it was perfect in every other way, and so this was a very minor thing for me to give up.

I hemmed and hawed a little while, and asked the guy if this was the lowest price they could go. He looked at me like he couldn’t believe I asked, but I just smiled. Then he shrugged. “I could knock off another $50.” SOLD. I would have taken it at $899. But why not bother trying? Because I asked, I got the price down to $849.

Then, we got a few more discounts tossed our way and so in the end, the fridge ended up being $765 (not including tax). Lowe’s delivers for free, and they also will remove your old appliance for free. We sell them when we can so that’s not an issue. But if you aren’t into selling appliances, there’s a good idea to get rid of the old one easily.

In case you were curious, our old fridge sold via Craigslist for $250. So if you roll that into the price we paid for the fridge ($765) we actually were only out a net cost of $515 for a $1,000 fridge. I believe that deserves a YEE HAW!

The fridge was delivered and, whoops…just a SMIDGE too tall.


Ru Row. Literally, 1/8 of an inch too tall. Dang it. So the guys delivering it were all “Should we take it back?” and I was all “Over my dead body” and they were all “Lady we just deliver stuff, please don’t make us hide a body.” And then I realized I’d gone too far… (Okay, only part of this happened. I’ll leave you to figure out which part.) But basically, they left the fridge, and then I made Sam take the cabinets off. He is going to sand the bottoms down just enough to get them back on.

We also realized that, while the fridge fit width-wise, it’s a little too tight with the chair rail in there. Since you can’t see it almost at all anyway, Sam popped that sucker off. We’ll have to repaint that area when we pull the fridge out to replace the cabinets, but oh well. I’m fine with it.


So here’s the before and after!


Yeah, looks a little funny now without the cabinets. We’re getting to that. But ah, I just like staring at it and smiling at the pretty shiny.

We’ll have a post soon about how we’re scoring these appliance deals regularly. It seems like we’re constantly getting a good deal, but we’re working for it! We’ll tell you how it’s working for us. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Scoring A Fridge For Cheap(ish)

  1. Sara @ Stay at Beach Mom November 9, 2012 at 2:33 pm Reply

    Awesome! Good work! We’re in the market for a fridge in a few months, so I’m glad to have these ideas in mind 🙂 Thanks!

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