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No Mo’ Peep Show!

Here’s a little secret: I’ve been inadvertently putting on a peep show for the neighborhood whenever I get out of the shower. Yippie! We took down all the blinds (which were either red or green…bizarre) so we could replace them with plantation blinds. But for whatever reason, we decided we wouldn’t put blinds up in the master bathroom. Or maybe we haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m not sure…whatever. The point is, it was an uncovered window for about two months. I had planned on making curtains, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Here’s a view of the bathroom from our bedroom.


But each day, as I got out of the shower, this is my view. I am actually standing in the shower (fully clothed, perverts) to take this picture:


Yeah. My concern was, if I can see so clearly down to the street…you see where I’m going with this. So instead of having privacy, I’ve been doing a little duck-and-cover thing for a few months after showering. (Meanwhile, Sam has no problem, as the window stops around torso height, so he can just step out and walk around in all his sexy shirtless glory.) So if our neighbors are parking their car on the street, or people are walking their dogs…

Hey guys! Meet your new neighbors! Indecent McGee!!!

Not a good idea. Time to fix. I started by getting some fabric at JoAnne’s for 50% off. Seriously, JoAnne’s is always having 50% off sales. If you want fabric, find what you want and then wait a week. If it’s not on sale now, it will be then. Or you can use a coupon. They put out coupons like whoa. Anyway, I picked out some fun fabric to become the basis of our new bathroom decor. I measured the window and drew up a very simplistic (read: idiot-proof) diagram of the window’s measurements.


Also at JoAnne’s, I picked up some no-sew tape. It is like webbing, and when you heat it, it bonds together like glue. Since I don’t own a sewing machine, nor the patience (or skill) to do it by hand, this is the easiest solution for me. It’s like $3, give or take. (I didn’t use all of it, only 2/3 of it.)


After measuring and cutting the lengths of fabric for two curtain panels (taking into account I’ll need an inch on all sides for the hemming) I started the no-sew process. I got out my iron (oh, I hadn’t seen that thing in a looooong time) and dampened a washcloth. Folding the edge over the tape, I set the washcloth on top of that, then the iron over that for ten to fifteen seconds. The iron was set to steam, wool setting.


It wasn’t an exact science. And while it was easier than sewing, it wasn’t a perfect job. But for my first time, I think it went pretty well. Here’s an example of what the corners look like.


After that, I grabbed some curtain clips (couple dollars) and snapped those things on, then hung the curtains!


I realize the curtains clash with the shower curtain. But I’m fixin’ to get some new stuff after a little while, more neutral that will let the curtains speak and not compete.

And can I tell you how happy I am to see THIS instead of neighbors who might be looking forward to a peep show??


Yippie! So that’s how I made my no-sew curtains. It took awhile (about two hours) becuase I’ve never done this before, but I think I could cut that in half next time. So I’ll leave you with a little B&A from the project. Until next time!



Totally Floored

So I suppose it is high time I started pulling my weight with this blogging stuff. Kat has posted about 14 posts, I suppose I can make time for one.

What super masculine, blood, sweat, and tears type job did I pick…Bathroom floors! (insert horror movie screeching here) Okay so it’s not the most glorious job, nor the most complex, but you can sure as bet Kat wasn’t gonna flop around on the bathroom floor and get in and around the various undiscovered cracks and crevices of the terlet. Luckily, thanks to our (Kat’s) adventures in Blog-dom, Kat found a cheap and easy way to go about redoing/upgrading any typical vinyl or linoleum floor. If you weren’t privy to this info, they make self-adhesive single vinyl tiles that you can get for roughly a dollar a tile. So you can get a higher quality floor that looks like ceramic or stone tile for a fraction of the price. For those of you that are aware, what are you waiting for?! Continue reading

Dog Days Are Color

I’ve totally got that Florence + the Machine song in my head now. Bad earworm! Bad!

I decided to try a little cheap craft project with Ruth. I found this cute little dog at Goodwill for $1.50.

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Powder Room Updates

Our powder room is probably the smallest room in the house…okay, no probably about it. It is. It’s 5′ x 5′. But it’s a powder room, not meant to be a luxurious room. The main excitement is that we even HAVE a powder room on the lower floor. But the other nice thing about a small room is, it only takes small changes (and less time) to make a good-sized impact.

First, let’s revisit what the room looked like before we moved in.

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Bag Football

We all have plastic bags floating around the place. While I like using our cloth bags for groceries and such, I use Target’s bags when I go there. Why? Free trash can liners. Those bags are the perfect size for the small trash cans in our bathrooms, the office, the bedrooms, etc. I figure if I was going to use a plastic trash bag anyway to line those, why not use a free bag I’m already given? And they have a dozen other uses too.

But man, those things can take up some space! They were multiplying at the bottom of our pantry. You turn around and they’ve made babies overnight. I had to get them under control. I folded them, but they’re slick and don’t stay folded. Plus, they slide around and fall all over the place. So it was time to try soemthing new. Continue reading

Making It Fit

The fridge, if you recall, was too big for the space we’d measured. By a whole 1/8 of an inch. Torturously close. It was also just a little tight width-wise, but removing the chair rail (which you couldn’t see anyway) fixed that so now it’s perfectly snug. So anyway, here’s where we left off with the fridge.

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REDUCED appliances at Lowe’s

As you know, we have had some seriously blessed luck recently with appliances at Lowe’s. First the stove, then our washer and dryer combo, and most recently, our fridge. All told, these appliances originally would have cost: $4,150. We paid: $2,490. Or just at 60% of full retail price.

But how the heck are we doing it? Continue reading