Hoo Who?

We are slowly but surely adding decorations to our home. And by slowly, I mean we’ve added exactly one thing. I, personally, have a hard time stepping outside the box. I can do pictures in matching frames, and I can…yeah. I’m out. So my goal now is to mix it up. We don’t need anything too loud or insane. But I want more interesting pieces around the house. Things that have no purpose, but make us smile and start conversations without clashing or looking disturbing.

No problem, right? Ha!

In a quick trip to Ross the other day, looking for cheap-but-cute winter shoes for Ruth (because she just grew out of her old size. Again. Seriously, when do they stop growing so fast?!) I ran by the Home Decor section. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, just looking to look. But then this guy popped out at me. He was $5.99, he was hilarious, and he was calling my name. I had to bring him home…

His name is Carl. Carl the Owl. (Ignore the dust…I’m being lazy.) Ruth likes him.

See? She keeps walking by and saying “Hey Owl!” Now that I’ve told her his name, she sometimes yells out “Hey Mama! Carl’s sittin’ there!” Yes, baby. Yes he is. And there he shall stay.

Not every piece of decoration will be this…unique. I’m not sure if Carl will stay there or find a new perch somewhere else in the house. But this is what I need. The unique or the funny mixed into the sweet pictures of our baby girl or the neutral stuff we already have. Gotta throw some interest in the mix or else it’s going to look blaaaaaand. Like, mashed potatoes with no butter. Bad. So this is the goal!



What do you think?

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