A chair by any other color

is a chair. Duh. I picked up this baby at the Goodwill for $8.

He doesn’t look like much, but I thought he could have some possibilities. It was missing a rung in the front, but oh well. It became clear almost immediately that red was not this chair’s original color. What was my first clue, other than the fact that it was chipping like whoa?

Yeah. That’s a pretty big clue. Whoever painted this chair didn’t ever bother with the underside. I can almost relate…almost. But I knew it wouldn’t be my choice. I wish they hadn’t painted the seat red, as my personal preference would have been to leave it natural and paint the rest, but what’s done is done. I also notice they didn’t prime anything, as it was peeling off even when I removed the Goodwill price sticker. A chair primed, properly painted and cured won’t peel like that.

So my first order of business was to cut down the stump left by the broken off front rung, then sand it down and putty both sides to fill them in. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it would look much better than what it already looked like. I sanded that down once it was dry, then sanded the legs and back of the chair too, roughing up the entire structure. Except for the seat. I did not sand the seat, mostly because I wasn’t entirely sure how that would work. I didn’t want to damage the woven bands, so I just lightly wiped them off to free them from dust and hoped the primer would do its work.

Speaking of primer, here comes a can now! I sprayed with nice, even strokes and made sure to coat the entire structure, including the seat. I tried to get each section of the seat from different angles so it would get in all the crevices. I let it dry, and then did one more quick coat over the areas that bled through. You can sort of see below on that front leg where some of that deep red bled through. As the color I was painting over this was a light color, I really wanted full primer. If I’d chosen another dark color, I’d probably have just painted it after the first primer coat and not worried.

I let the primer fully dry for an hour. Then I attacked it with the spray paint I picked out. It was Valspar green in flat finish. I did the same as the primer, with very light layers. And I gave the seat an extra layer, again very lightly, because it seemed to really soak in the color. As I don’t plan on anyone sitting on this chair, I wasn’t too bothered by the extra coat, or worrying about it hardening and cracking with weight.

Here was second coat. I went back for one more after this.

After it was painted, this bad boy dried for a few hours outside and then cured in the garage for several days before finding his ultimate home in Ruth’s room.

He isn’t for sitting, he acts more like a table. But he’s where we put her decorative pillows at night when she climbs into bed! See?

I like how skeptical the owl looks. “Uh, what?” So that’s his main purpose in life. I went with green instead of pink or white (like everything else in her room) because 1.) I thought she needed a bit of contrast and 2.) Nana recently bought Ruth the new comforter featured in the first pic and it has some nice greens in it, so I wanted a tie-in.

Budget Breakdown:

Chair: $8 (Goodwill)
Spray paint primer: free (Had it already. Normally about $4)
Spray paint: $4 (used most of the can)
Wood putty, putty knife, sandpaper: free (had already)

Total: $12

Not terrible for a cute accent piece in a ┬áheretofore-unused corner of Ruth’s room. Now her pillows have a place to live overnight (and every time she doesn’t make her bed, which is like 80% of the time).



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2 thoughts on “A chair by any other color

  1. Sara @ Stay at Beach Mom November 9, 2012 at 2:34 pm Reply

    So cute! Also, I love the idea of using a chair to hold decorative pillows at night. I just put ours on the floor and it looks so sloppy, but I couldn’t think of another idea. Good thinking!

  2. thehousenecessitybuilt November 10, 2012 at 5:17 pm Reply

    Thanks, Sara! Ruth loves her “pillow chair” and gets a big kick out of putting her pillows on it every night.

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