Preschool Picasso

Artwork…we haz it. Everywhere. Now that Ruth is in preschool (the real deal, not “pre-preschool”) she comes home with a masterpiece almost every time. And boy is she proud to show it off. And who could blame her? What child wouldn’t be proud to show off a pumpkin such as this?

He’s had a rough day…

Okay to be fair, that was from her 2 year old class. But clearly she was ahead of her time. Just look at the abstract qualities…

But at 2, she didn’t know if the artwork ended up on the fridge or in the Dumpster outside our apartment in Virginia. And to be honest, since I’m not all that nostalgic, I took pictures of a few of the cutest ones and chucked the rest. What are you gonna do?

Now that we own our own house again, we have more freedom (and more space!) to do what we please. And at 3.5, Ruth is well aware of when her masterpieces go … missing. So it was time to devise a way to get all that clutter beautiful artwork off my refrigerator and somewhere that she could be proud of.

Here’s what I started with:

  • a piece of scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge (my favoritest craft ingredient evers)
  • wooden clothespins
  • a piece of trim (cut to the size I want by the lovely people at Lowe’s, where I purchased it)
  • Gorilla Glue (super glue…not pictured).

I suck at remembering to take pictures along the way, so just follow me. I traced the front of the clothespins onto the back of scrapbook paper, then cut those out. I then Mod Podged that onto the clothes pin. (Follow the directions on the bottle. It’s pretty simple.)

I let that dry overnight, and then the next day I put a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the paper. It dries clear, so don’t worry. This just gives it a protective coating for durability.

I painted the trim white, because that’s what all of our trim will be once we get off our butts and do it. And I picked trim rather than some simple, flat board because I thought it would look more interesting. Once that was dry, I figured out how far apart I wanted my clips. I basically put them so that they were close enough that one piece of computer paper could be clipped vertically by two, and horizontally by three. (Did that make sense?) So my pieces of trim were 3 feet long, and I put seven clothespins on there.

I used the Gorilla Glue to put the pins on there, letting it set overnight. Directions on the glue bottle say it sets in 30-60 minutes, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

In the morning, I used Command strips to hang it to the wall where I wanted it. Why Command strips? Because I actually did this project prior to my Who Needs A Hero? weekend, and I wasn’t yet comfortable with the power drill and wall anchors. Now, of course, I’m a power tool stud. (No, I’m not.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough power to properly affix the wood to the wall. So then this happened:

So later, Hubs had to go back and fix my boo-boo. I know, I know. Who needs a hero, right? But this was basically the project that inspired me to go all Betty Badass. If you decide to do this…just screw the darn things into the wall. Don’t be stubborn like me.

Here’s the final result!

And a close up of the clips:

That stupid, bumpy texture on the walls is what made it so hard to use the Command strips. Just FYI.

So there you have it. Tot now has a lovely place to display her artwork in her play area, where they are seen by everyone, but not in my kitchen or cluttering up my fridge. She loves it and now she brings me home things from school “For the wall.”



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