Project Who Needs A Hero: Day 1

Who needs a hero? Well, I mean, I like the one I’ve got. He’s pretty cute and I enjoy his company and he’s funny sometimes when he’s not asking for a wrench when he means pliers…but that’s not the point. The point is, Sam was out of town for a few days, and I decided it was time to prove to myself I could contribute more to this home renovation situation than painting and picking out all the pretties.

Sam was gone for five days on a trip home to see his father before surgery. I was alone with Ruth. And I have been staring at THIS stupid hole for over a month now.

BAH = Big Ass Hole

Where did that stupid hole come from? It was where the outlet used to live when the people before us had the Cancer Box built into the cabinet system. Remember the Cancer Box? Reminder:

The Cancer Box

We managed to rid ourselves of the Cancer Box and the outlet is now officially removed (by a professional…we have limits) but the hole remains. We will eventually be chipping down the tile and replacing the drywall behind the counters and cabinets completely. But that’s like a year away. I cannot stare at this hole for a year. It’s gross, and it’s ugly.

But hey, why am I waiting on Sam to do it? He’s a busy guy, too. He’s been working on hanging a new fan in the master bathroom, sanding the guest bathroom, uprooting huge bushes in the back yard. And I just stare at this hole day after day going “When will he take care of it?”

Screw it. I’m going to do it myself. This might sound super simple to some (like, stupidly simple) but for me, this is a bit of an adventure. I have never dealt with a hole in the wall (minus nail holes I can fill in with a tiny bit of spackle and sand quickly by hand). So this is a first.

Sam, by the way, had NO clue I was doing this. And I wasn’t going to tell him. Either it will go well and he’d come home and be pleasantly surprised…or it wouldn’t and he’d have to fix the mess I made. Either way, nothing could be done about it until he got back. So why stress him out?

Here’s what I started out with:

Don’t doubt the Diet Pepsi

  • Mesh drywall patch (self-adhering)
  • compound
  • scraper thingie (not the technical term)
  • sander (not pictured)
  • paint (not pictured)
  • Diet Pepsi

(Yes. The Diet Pepsi is required. It’s code. Look it up.)

Why did I use a mesh patch rather than replace the drywall itself? Well, in talking it over with a few guys at the store and showing them a picture and explaining we would be replacing the entire drywall within a year, they suggested it. Sure, I could have redone the drywall in that one spot. (Maybe…) But when nothing is relying on that area for structure, no pictures are going there (a shelf is going below it, but not in the area of the patch) and it’s not an area that will be bumped into a lot, a patch works just fine. Will it be as seamless as if we replaced the drywall? No. Does that matter? It won’t in a year or so when it’s gone anyway. So it’s sort of a band-aid to the situation, but at least it won’t be A BIG ASS HOLE for a year. Trust me, even a literal band-aid would have been welcome at this point.

So that’s why I chose the patch. (Do I sound like I’m talking about birth control now? Or is that just me?) I will update you tomorrow on the progress and whether I’d killed myself yet. Though how I would manage to kill myself when using spackle and a putty knife…who knows?

Oh, and note to you all…measure the area BEFORE heading to the home improvement store. I first picked up a 6″ x 6″ patch. I clearly needed the 8″ x 8″. So that required another trip to the store. Had I measured before, I would have known this. Whoops.

Here I am with my “assistant” getting ready to get dirty! Back for an update tomorrow…

The Assistant


Edited to add: For an update on this project, check out Day 2 and the final, completed project on Day 3.

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