Hanging Tough

Yup. I went there. I made a New Kids On The Block reference. Oh oh oh OH oh. (Hanging tough.)

I wanted something cute to have Ruth’s play apron hang on next to her kitchen. She does better when things have a specific spot that they are meant to go, and not just “oh, anywhere is fine.” But I didn’t want just a plain Jane hook in the wall. How yawn-inducing, right?

Insert my next challenge. Create a cute hook/hanger for Ruth to hang her apron on. (Or hat. But apron is more truthful.)

I started with…

  • Mod Podge (shocker, right? I use this stuff for everything)
  • white paint
  • a piece of scrapbook paper
  • wood plaque from JoAnn’s (like three bucks)
  • the hook (purchased from Target for a few bucks)

I painted the wood white, let it dry, then measured it for the paper. I affixed the paper to the top of the wood, following directions on the Mod Podge bottle. After that dried overnight, I coated another layer of Mod Podge over the paper to seal it in. Anything to do with Ruth (toddlers in general) seems to end up messy. So might as well make it wipeable, right?

Then I had Sam (who is much steadier with the drill than I am) drill the hook into the wood.

After that, I just used Command strips (because I hate making holes in walls if I can avoid it) to stick it to the wall and there you have it! Now Ruth can grab her apron whenever she’s in the mood to “cook” and easily put it away again. I’ve even found her sometimes looping her fake pothole handles around there. Score!


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