Getting a deal on appliances

The appliances that came with our house (side-by-side fridge/freezer, stove and dishwasher) were…old-ish. We’re pretty sure the stove was original to the house (1986), the fridge is probably one of the original side-by-side models, and the dishwasher might be the newest of them all. Our own washer and dryer are five years old, but they’ve seen four moves now. Plus, I have wanted one of the HE sets for awhile now.

We knew we had to start with the stove, if we were going to replace anything. It was ugly as homemade sin and not all that consistent when you tried to cook things. Gots to go. But we also weren’t sure where in the grand lineup of Things To Do we wanted to put it. Until…

Walking around Lowe’s one day (as we often do, because we now are going to have our mail forwarded there) we spotted a stainless steel, flat top stove. Exactly what I’ve been wanting. It was just sitting off to the side and had a big yellow tag on it. I went to see what was up. It was “damaged” and so they were offering it for a discount. What was the damage? It had a dent in the back, and a dent in the side. Otherwise, brand new.

We inspected said dents, found neither of them were vital to the function of the appliance (and neither were even going to show!), and decided to try for it. The manager on duty gave us the rundown of the model, and we hedged a little, and then he dropped the price lower. “It’s been sitting here a few weeks so…might as well move it.”

We’re down for that. The appliance was originally $950 (I looked for the display model and double checked myself). We walked away with it for like $525.

So we went from this nostalgic piece of iconery…

to this!

Happy dance! Happy dance! One appliance in the kitchen down, two to go!

We stop into Lowe’s several more times…a week. Because we’re addicts who can’t quit. And every time we’re in there, I walk by the appliance department and see this lovely HE washer and dryer set. In red. They’re set apart like the stove was, and they appear to just be a one-off. They’re getting rid of that floor model. For the set, it was $1,600. The original price for the washer was like $1,200, and $1,000 for the dryer. Clearly, that adds up to $2,200…a $600 saving. Not bad, right? But we have a washer and dryer and they work just fine…so I ignore them. Then finally, after several weeks of walking by them and them still being there, I cave. It’s a sign. These two appliances were meant to be ours, or they would have sold already. I ask Sam what he thinks.

We talked it over and decided there was a price we weren’t willing to go over, and we could easily leave if it wasn’t met. I mean, again, we have a set at home, and they work just fine. They’re not HE, but they’re functional for the moment. We have walk-away power. And after dealing with the same Lowe’s a few weeks earlier, we learned managers did have some wiggle room when it came time to creating prices for these models. What was the harm in making a lower offer?

So we asked for a manager and they said the manager who would handle pricing on those wasn’t in, but he would be back tomorrow. So Sam, knowing he would have to drive by on his way to work the next day anyway, said sure, he’d stop back by.

He did, then asked for the lowest they could go. The guy did some calculations, then offered a price below what we were going to say. In the end, we paid $1,200 for the set. A $1,000 savings. So…SOLD! haha

So we went from this… (Sorry it’s empty, didn’t get a photo of the old set, just imagine plain white ones)

to this!

Not too shabby, right? If you look closely, you might be able to see some other changes we’re slowly making. But don’t look TOO close. We’ll update you on those as they continue to happen!

What’s the lesson here? The lesson is that we had to arrange our budget and change a few things around in the order of how we would complete them to accommodate the appliances. But when big sales like this happen, and you actually WANT the product, and it’s something you will need, it’s okay to rearrange things. It’s not often you can save nearly 50% on something so large.

The key here though is something you will need, not just going for the pretty shiny and becuase you caved you now have to ignore paying the electric bill. And also, you don’t have to compromise everything just for a deal. Recently, we considered a refrigerator that would be the same deal as above. But it had a huge scratch on the front of the stainless steel door. There’s no way to fix that. I debated it but in the end, I knew that scratch was a deal breaker for me. No matter how much that fridge dropped, I wouldn’t want the scratch. So know your limits, and be honest about them.

We knew we would need a new stove, because this one was over 20 years old and not great cooking-wise. It was a near-future purchase. So that one made total sense. The washer and dryer were a little more frivolous, but I had been talking about wanting an HE set for a few years now (any color would do, but red was my first choice). So now we’ve just moved that ahead a little. It means sacrificing something else in the moment, but that’s okay with us. Everyone knows their own budget better than we do, so only you can make that choice.

Now, happy searching!



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