Living Room Update

How about some progress? Through the magic of TV (okay, blogging) there’s been a lot of progress since I posted those “Before” pictures yesterday. Don’t remember those? Oh, here you go… Go forth and bask in the 1980s awesomeness.

But for the purpose of this update, we are focusing on the living room. Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before:

Red carpet. White walls. Not-our-taste light fixture. Red plastic blinds. 80s curtains. The list goes on, and on, and on…sort of like the empty stares from those creepy dolls in the corner. (Yes, I’m still dwelling.)

Clearly, when I posted those pictures yesterday, some work had already been done. We didn’t do all of this in the last 24 hours. (Don’t you wish it could be that fast and easy??) But here is the current progress on the living room…

It’s not complete. Not by a long shot. But you can sort of see where we’re going with this. What have we done so far, and what do we still have to do?

  • Red carpet changed out
  • paint walls
  • paint baseboards
  • change out light fixture
  • remove plastic blinds
  • update window dressings
  • touch up baseboards (dinged from carpet)
  • hang pictures
  • find things to not make walls seem so empty

The red carpet is gone. (Do you hear that? That faint sound? It’s angels. They’re singing just for us.) We replaced it with a basic beige. Normally we prefer hardwood (kid + dog = lots of vacuuming). But that was a lot of square footage to do, and so we went with a decent neutral carpet instead. For now.

The walls are painted Gobi Desert by Behr, in semi-gloss. I’m not huge on serious color when it comes to paint, and even less so when we’re talking about big areas. So we went with something nice and neutral, again. We are also painting the wood trim (which was pretty dinged up) white. I like the look of white trim. Just a personal preference.

We replaced the light fixture with a ceiling fan. I love having air circulating, so this was a biggie for me.

The window treatments were completely swapped out. We took down the gold curtain rod, took down the red plastic blinds and the curtains. We put up a stainless steel bar, hung up some simple curtains, and also put in some white plantation blinds. You can’t see them though in that picture.

And of course, we moved in our furniture. Obviously.

What do we still need to do? Oh, tons. Paint more trim, finish painting the walls (need touch-ups), and then we have a TON of wall space to fill! Time to start looking at suggestions for how to fill all that empty space on either side of our entertainment center. It’s a lot of blank canvas, and I’m not great with envisioning what to put there. I’m a minimalists at heart so I’m not a big fan of a ton of stuff just to have stuff there. So it’ll take some time while we live with it awhile and see what we want to put there. Right now, it’s naked. But soon, that hussy of a wall will get a dress. Promise.

So there it is! When we get more progress done, y’all will be the first we show!



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